Thursday, November 11, 2010

A place memories you @ Otak-Otak Place

food & memories u ♥

Otak-Otak Place. I always see a bicycle at the entrance of the place. It’s a place surrounded by memorabilia such as school books, cartoon (tom & jerry), green toy soldiers, and candy and so on. The good memories are never lost. All found in Otak-Otak Place, just waiting for us to discover.

The bicycle take back my memory, my dad took me to school with his old bicycle. My youngest brother always requested me the cartoon of tom & jerry. The only cartoon make me remember how stubborn he is. My neighbor took our toys and never return to us while we're playing together. And totally forget the sour candy but today appeared in front of me while I paid the bill at the counter.

It's really a place to get my memories back.


  1. tasted once but not my time. i still prefer the otak-otak yang jual kat tepi jalan


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