Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diāng-biĕng-gù 鼎边糊 @ Chop Hing Huong

Diāng-biĕng-gù (鼎边糊), is famous in foochow. The main ingredient is rice, soup boil, seafood (such as oysters), vergetables, meat and other ingredients. Diāng (wok) biĕng (side) gù (paste) is basically cooked rice paste which is produced after the freshly milled rice paste has been poured over the side of the wok to cook. Once solidified, it is scraped into a boiling soup and cooked with other ingredients to produce the Dian Bian Hu.

To eat Diāng-biĕng-gù, must go to Chop Hing Huong. This is famous, tasty and delicious I ever had. Still remembered my father bought Diāng-biĕng-gù back for supper seem I still a child. My siblings and I all love to eat.

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