Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hajime Japanese Restaurant

Hajime, a japanese restaurant that recommended by Yian last year if not mistaken. I always hope to dining there. Unfortunately I did not have chance to go over. In fact, I forgot this. Thanks J’s reminder and suggestion having lunch on National day this year at Hajime.

I love the interior design. It’s so comfortable and warm cos of the light and decoration. With a manner serving, they suggested us to take their reasonable and good deal of lunch set. We enjoyed our delicious and yummy japanese food. Yummy!

Hajime Japanese Restaurant
Address: No. 64, Jalan Damai Off, Jalan Tun Razak 55000, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number: +603 2143 0073
Open Hours: 11.45am - 2.30pm, 6.15pm - 10.30pm

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baba Cendol @ Jonker 88, Jonker Street, Malacca

Jonker 88 located at hot spot of Malaca, Jonker Street. This café is famous with their cendol among the tourist and locals. The crowd is always building up. This time I want to enter into the crowd and decided to order the original Baba Cendol. There got so many different kind of cendol with different topping.

At the same time, decided to order Nyonya Asam Laksa. It's totally different from Penang Asam Laksa. It's hot and spicy and sour.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sticky Traditional Hand-Make Yummy @ One Utama

Any idea how people make this candy? A candy shop is opened in One Utama shopping mall. Sticky is originally come from Australia ( They show customer how they make the candy everyday in front of the shop. If you pass by there, you could have a stop there. It's so amazing from a huge roll until one small yummy candy. I love the colorful and attractive color. It fill up the life with hope and love, also beautiful things.

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