Monday, October 25, 2010

Old Fashioned 1/4 lb Single Combo Lunch @ Wendy's

Today I lunch at Wendy’s, Berjaya Time Square. While I was standing in front of the counter, I do not know what should order and what actually famous there. End up decided to order their old fashioned ¼ lb single combo small set, 100% beef. Even though it’s small set, but the portion is big enough for me. Surprisingly I love the burger and French fries. Yummy!

Wendy’s still not as popular in Malaysia as I guess. Hope one day Wendy’s will become famous in Malaysia and everyone like Wendy’s. Did promise myself will go and try their “Garden Sensations Salads” on next visit. :)


  1. wendy's yummy but i don't see many outlets

  2. beautiful pictures! stumbled upon this blog from somewhere. Mind telling me what camera you use? :D

  3. baby, i went times square one..

    melanie, thanks for the comments.. i'm using Nikon D90. ;)


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