Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday dinner @ TGI Friday's

A lot of my friends talked and commented about TGIF food before. Actually I never been there once in my life. Yesterday, I dined myself at TGIF, Pavilion with J. J also surprised while I mentioned this was my first time. LOL.

Due to many comments I received from my friends, I was curious and feel lost while I read thru the menu. At last, I decided to order seafood, Key West Whitefish. And, J ordered herself Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp. It's Friday... So ordered myself Top Shelf Mojito with alcohol. :p

How's the food? Hmm... so far so good. In fact, I love the gravy served for sizzling chicken and shrimp so much. Of course, I like the sour taste of Key West Whitefish. Honestly a bit disappointed with the plate decoration. A nice decoration will always make me feel more appetite.

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