Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Last 2 weeks if not mistaken, I went to Marks and Spencer at KLCC to buy something cos of RM 10 cash voucher given by someone. I just know that those cookies there is not that expensive what I thought previous.

I walked around and tried to choose a nice and delicious cookies carefully, cos this was my first time buying this brand of cookies. Finally I chose Marks and Spencer’s Chocolate Chips Cookies. It’s a big pack with 2 rows inside. It costed me RM18, and reasonable for me. With the cash voucher, I only paid RM8.

Wow… it’s really freshy, crunchy and delicious. I always worry on the chocolate chips cookies, cos most of them are too sweet. This one is average, ‘ngam ngam ho’ (hokkien).

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