Monday, July 12, 2010

Hokkien Mee @ Restaurant Damansara, PJ Uptown

A popular Hokkien Mee recommended earlier at PJ Uptown. The cook always scolds his staff while frying. Many people jokes will there be any “extra ingredient” adds in. XD Of course, this is just a joke, do not take it serious.

We went there for our dinner 2 weeks ago. Thought we need to queue for longer time to get our order, luckily there had a good ordering management system. The delicious Hokkien Mee was serving less than 15 minutes after we ordered. They gain my heart (cos I do not like to wait :p).


  1. is this the one that has many customers at night?

  2. yes, it's. the hokkien mee is nice.. have you try before?


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