Sunday, December 6, 2009

Star Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum @ Hong Kong

If you watch Hong Kong movie often, you will know Hong Kong dim sum is very famous. They always mention 'yam cha' at dim sum restaurant. This time during my trip to Hong Kong, Maymay picked us from hotel and brought us to a traditional and normal dim sum restaurant. Once I tasted them, wow.... I love it..

Star seafood restaurant is not the top famous restaurant in Hong Kong. It's already very nice dim sum for me. I do hope next time I eat dim sum at Malaysia, I still managed to eat them. LOL. Because only 3 of us, we did not ordered too many varieties of dim sum. Alison and I are not big eater. (Even though our size is big).. Haiz... gonna to keep fit from now. :(

Finally we managed to finish all the dim sum we ordered. Of course, we also forced Maymay to eat together with us. We fat, she also must fat. Wakakaa..... Then we keep fit together. :p

 蝦餃har kau

蘿白酥lobak sou

鮮蝦燒賣sin har siew mai

奶黃流沙包lai wong lau sa pau

 山竹牛肉san jok ngoi yoke

鮮竹卷sin juk qun

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